Made Locally in Sydney, New South Wales

WINNING BID/ $1,550 (Bron p. NSW)

Furniture maker Ben Percy, and contemporary artist Salleigh Olsen nominated StreetWork, a Sydney based charity helping "at risk" young people.




THE Product/ Flex Chair

The Flex Chair is an articulated seating system which provides users with a unique ergonomic experience. The chair is created by re-sawing solid American Hickory and as the seat and backrest are separately supported, the laminated legs ‘flex’ as individuals sit down. The Flex Chair is not only designed as a functional piece of furniture, it is a medium from which to display the stylish and captivating artwork of Salleigh Olsen. The artwork design for the chair was to capture the story and essence of the individual’s emotive thoughts on discovering identity, friendship and environment.


Timber/  American Hickory
Timber Finish/ Osmo Wood Wax
Paint/  Acrylic and Ink
Dimensions/  720mm w x 700mm d x 680mm h
Location/ Sydney, New South Wales


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THE Maker/ Ben Percy

Ben believes great design is functional, beautiful, sustainable and also individual. Inspired by nature and driven by perfectionism, Ben’s biggest goal for his furniture is making people comfortable. His appreciation and understanding of the innate qualities of timber is almost palpable and his handcrafted furniture showcases both the timber and his adept skill at handling it. By analysing the grain, cut and tone of each board, each and every component is not only beautiful but serves a purpose - nothing is hidden. His furniture is a fluent expression of this process and it reflects his succinct design aesthetic that Ben defines as “clean lines and good bones.”

Ben has found a fine balance between making furniture and teaching the craft to others. “It’s not a career that you can disengage with when you leave the workshop at night,” he reflects. “You are constantly creating, seeking inspiration and learning. It’s your passion, your life.” Ben currently teaches furniture classes at Heartwood Creative Woodworking as well as teaching emerging furniture makers at Freshwater Senior Campus in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 


View Ben's Handkrafted Profile here.



the Artist/ Salleigh Olsen

Salleigh Olsen’s works are an edgy contemporary journey of colour, mood, expressionism and abstraction. Each collection of works takes you on a journey that creatively portrays society, whether it be subtle statements using typography and bold expressive lines of energy and drama, or soft moody sophisticated palettes of abstraction.

Her female nudes portray the beauty of the female in her natural element, epitomizing her confidence, sexuality and coyness. Her use of mixed media and strong fluid lines enhance the form and displays the female in an uncompromised, mysterious, yet alluring way.

Having sell out solo shows in the past, her works have been well received for originality and diversity.

View Salleigh's Bluethumb Profile here.



the Charity/ streetworks

StreetWork is a Sydney based charity helping young people aged between 11 and 18 who are "at risk". StreetWork aims to help troubled young people affected by crime, violence, destructive family relationships, rejection and isolation, risk of homelessness, learning difficulties, truancy, poor employment opportunities and drug and alcohol dependency.


View the StreetWorks website here.


Timber for this piece was generously donated by Britton Timbers
Australia's Exotic Hardwood Specialist

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